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Question: How often should I do maintence on my shower door? Answer: Proper maintenance should be done every 2-3 months.

Question: Why do mirrors get a black edge? Answer: Water and ammonia-base products can run down causing moisture and chemicals to be trapped between glass mirror backing. An alcohol-based spray is the recommended cleaner.

Question: How often should I do maintence on my shower door? Answer: Proper maintenance should be done every 2-3 months.

Question: Why does my shower door leak? Answer: The bypass could be in the wrong direction. Make sure the inside panel is always closest to the shower head. The door is adjusted to fit the opening which may cause leaking from the corners.


FOR OPTIMAL PREFORMANCE For optimal prformance we suggest you reveiew these tech tips along with the usage of Invisible Shield, you will benefit immensely!

What is Invisible Sheild? Invisible Shield is an ultra-thing, polymer coating that is specifically formulated to be applied like a polish to make all glass, porcelain, ceramics, polished metals, laminates and plastics remarkably water, soil and stain repellent.

When should Invisible Shield be applied? The best way to keep your glass looking newer longer is to have the first application of Invisible Shield within the first week of your shower enclosure installation. Invisible Shield should also be applied when you start to notice residuel soap build up or is the water is no longer beading on the glass.

How long does the Invisible Shield last? Like all coatings, durability will depend on the quality of the application and exposure to usage. Invisible Shield will last for months on sinks, tubs, showers tile and glass tops. Unlike other coatings, Invisible Sheild is designed for periodic re-application; allowing for its cleaning, sealing, polishing and protecting properties actually rejuvenate itself to keep surfaces like new.

Once a month Use a nylon sponge to go over the wet glass, rubbing in a circular motion. You should feel “sticky” places going back to slick again. Pour water along the top edge of the glass to rinse.

Every two months Use Lysol Bathroom Spray on any sticky or visible stained spots that are not coming off with a nylon sponge. After removing the stains, buff on the invisible glass, rubbing it on and polishing it off with a microfiber cloth.

Water no long beeding Apply Invisible Shield and polish it with a microfiber cloth.


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